Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

Dear Parishioners of St. John Paul II Parish,


          This letter is to inform you that a decision has been made regarding the Saturday Mass at St. John Paul II Parish: Due to inadequate participation, effective January 30, we will no longer have a 5:30 p.m. Saturday Vigil Mass.

          This does not mean that Mass on Saturdays will never happen again; if the need arises once more, we will be happy to review this again.

  Furthermore, let me put to rest any rumors that might get started over this minor decision: The St. John Paul II Parish is NOT CLOSING. The      future of St. John Paul II’s Parish is long and bright, especially due to the recent changes we’ve made.  We are still working hard to keep everything afloat.

          As some of you who have picked up our 2021 calendar have noticed, the Saturday Vigil Mass is not listed.  That is because we were not originally planning to have a Saturday Vigil Mass.  However, due to the pandemic seating requirements, that plan had to be changed; now, sadly, things have changed once again.

          Please know that as your pastor I value each and every one of my parishioners! And I love both of my churches! I am truly blessed to be in the Warren area. See you in church on Sunday.


Sincerely in Christ,


 Fr. Francis