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Priest Holding Book

December 18, 2021






Dear Father Katrinak and the Faithful of your newly merged parish,

           On November 28, 2021, St. John Paul II Parish and St. Mary Parish in Warren were merged for the good of the Church.  Upon the merger, I asked Father Katrinak to work with you, the faithful, to submit to me a recommendation for your new parish name.
         Having completed the process of consultation for this purpose, I recently received the official recommendation from Father Katrinak.  I wish to commend you for your participation in this process. The name which garnered the most support among all other names was               “St. Mary and St. Joseph Parish.” 

        I am happy to announce that, effective today, December 18, 2021, I accept this recommendation and officially change the name of your parish to “St. Mary and St. Joseph Parish.”
        As we stand on the threshold of Christmas, may this new parish name help you all embrace Jesus, the Word Made Flesh whose own name is “Emmanuel” – God With Us.  I invite you to call upon the intercession of your patron saints, St. Mary and St. Joseph.  As Mary, Joseph and Jesus grew as the Holy Family, may your parish continue to grow as a holy and vibrant family of faith. Together let us pray, That All May Be One.  

                                                                         Sincerely in Christ,

                                                                          Most Reverend David J. Bonnar
                                                                         Bishop of Youngstown


     David J. Bonnar

By the Grace of God and the Apostolic See





For ten years the Catholic Faithful of Saint John Paull II Parish in the Diocese of Youngstown have been served by Saint John Paul II Parish, 420 North Street, N.W., Warren, Ohio. During that time countless people have heard the Word of God, have worshipped and received the sacraments of the Church in the parish community. Likewise, for one hundred and eighty - six years, the Catholic Faithful of St. Mary Parish in the Diocese of Youngstown have been served by Saint· Mary Parish in the Diocese of Youngstown, 232 Seneca S.E., Warren, Ohio. In an effort to reorganize the People of God in this portion of God's Kingdom, it is now necessary to make new provisions or the spiritual care of the parishioners of both Saint John Paul II Parish and Saint Mary Parish.


Accordingly, having carefully reviewed the pastoral statistics· and studied facts complied by the Diocese of Youngstown, after consultation · with representatives of both parish communities, having heard the Presbyteral Council and acting in accord with canon 515, paragraph 2, of the Code of Canon Law; I hereby alter and merge Saint John Paul Il 'Parish and Saint Mary Parish. This merger shall be effective on November 28, 2021.


All parishioners of both parishes are now members of the newly merged parish, whose name is yet to be determined. The already established territories of Saint John Paul II Parish and Saint Mary Parish shall be merged and fully included in the newly established parish. However, the two church buildings will retain the names of Saint Joseph and Saint Mary given at the time of dedication, in accord with canon 1218.


All of the original registers containing records of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and

Christian Burial hitherto preserved by both parishes are now to be faithfully preserved in the newly merged parish office at Saint Mary Church 232 Seneca S.E. Warren, Ohio.


All properties and assets of both parishes are now. part of the amalgamation into the new merged juridic person of the new parish whose name is yet to be determined as dictated by this decree. All assets and debts shall be now shared by the newly merged parish. By way­ of a particular document approved by the Chief financial Officer of the Diocese. of


Youngstown, the management of all assets and debts that now concern the newly merged parish will be properly detailed, attentive to the principal of equity and for the common good of all concerned.


All those who claim to ,have been aggrieved by this decree are herewith notified that, if they desire to file recourse against this decree, they are required, ad validitatem, to submit a

petition in the sense orcanon 1734 paragraph 1 to us within ten useful days from the

legitimate notification of this decree.


Given at Youngstown, Ohio, this 28th. day of November, 2021.


Most Reverend David J. Bonnar

Bishop of Youngstown

Rev. Msgr. John Zuraw Chancellor


Linda Tedde


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