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Reconciliation - The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered every Saturday an hour before Mass by appointment. Father is also available for individual confessions upon request - please call the Parish Office to make an appointment.


Infant Baptism - Baptisms are scheduled on an individual basis; please contact the Parish Office to set a date. Those wishing to have their babies baptized should be practicing Catholics and registered in the parish. We welcome former parishioners or those who live out of town; however, a letter of recommendation is necessary from your parish. Baptisms can be celebrated during Mass, or privately. One Godparent MUST be a practicing Catholic. All parents are required to participate in our Baptism Preparation Program prior to their child’s Baptism. Please register for the class by calling the Parish Office.


Marriages - Those wishing to marry at our parish should be registered at least four (4) months before the wedding is scheduled. Six (6) months of Sacramental preparation is required. Please contact the parish office for more information.


Care of the Sick and Elderly - If your loved one is in the hospital, Nursing Home or homebound and you would like a visit from our parish, please call the Parish Office.


Adult Baptism, Confirmation, or Adults Considering Becoming Catholic - Please contact Mrs. Ruby Petersal at the Parish Office. Persons or families, new to the parish may register by calling the Parish Office.


Prayer Circle - For your prayers requests call Mrs. Connie Santore at (330) 898-5528.


Letters of Recommendation - Letters for Sponsors or Godparents will only be issued to active and participating parishioners.


Vocations - Please see Father Francis about a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life.
Funerals - Please contact Father Francis before scheduling with the funeral director or the announcement is published in the newspaper.
Estates - Parishioners who are drawing up their wills are asked to remember our parish church.
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